Topic: Application Specific Notes

I bought this application because it said I could attach notes to specific applications. Gulp. I have no idea how to do that in Antlogic Notes. Would appreciate a sentence or two of explanation, if you'll be so kind. I'm an old man, so speak slowly... Thank you!


Re: Application Specific Notes

Hi, thank you for using our application.
Actually it's quite easy - move mouse over the note, then click the button on top-right corner and select there 'Attach to app..'
After this when selected application is activated note will be displayed. And hidden when you switch to the other application.


Re: Application Specific Notes

This is not true, I was very enthusiastic about their app but have been very underwhelmed by it. I have a need for application specific notes and followed the directions given in this post, trying to attach a note to a Numbers worksheet. It doesn't work, I am going to ask for a refund in the next few days if I can't work this out, would appreciate any assistance.


Re: Application Specific Notes

Unfortunately application works as we designed it, not as you want smile When we wrote 'attach to app' it means that you can choose the application, and note will be displayed when this app is activated, and automatically hidden when it is deactivated.
You cannot attach application to the specific document yet (however, we have some plans on implementing this feature).