Topic: No Sync on El Capitan

Changes made in Reminders doesn't appear to force a sync to To-Do Lists.  I marked a completed a number of items in Reminders, but that hasn't synced to To-Do lists.  It will sync if I restart To-Do Lists.

Mac: El Capitan: 10.11
To-Do Lists: 1.7.7

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Re: No Sync on El Capitan

Hi Mike,
Thanks for pointing us to this issue. We were able to reproduce it, and currently we investigate the ways it can be fixed.
We'll get back as soon as we figure it out.


Re: No Sync on El Capitan

Hi, any update?


Re: No Sync on El Capitan

Same issue here - what is the resolution?


Re: No Sync on El Capitan

Following up - still having the same issues all of the time, please follow up - what is the resolution for this issue - thanks


Re: No Sync on El Capitan

Hi, sorry for a long delay with answer.
At the moment we delayed further development of To-do Lists 1.x since we are spending most of our resources on version 2.0.
Also version 1.x uses old API (iCal one) which is deprecated for few years so we'll move to the new Reminders API only in the version 2.0.