Topic: Newbie Can't Get Started

Hi All,
I'm a newbie with To Do Lists, but computer literate. Syncing with Dropbox and iCloud, it seems that I have done the setup correctly and tried all the solutions that I have read here to no avail. Only 2 of my lists from Reminders seem to have appeared in TDL.  I have dozens of to dos in my default list in Reminders, and when I try to sync them in preferences, it says that that calendar does not support tasks. All other calendars seem to sync.  Also, sync between Mac and iPhone work fine with what tasks I have.

Thanks for any help,


Re: Newbie Can't Get Started

Hi, thank you for contacting us.
Actually we use old, currently deprecated, iCal API to access  Reminders, so it is not guaranteed to work for all calendars.
I.e. it works but we do not have any way to fix or improve if something goes wrong.
Also currently we are working on To-do Lists 2.0, which will use new EventKit API, and will work much better on syncing then To-do Lists 1.x