Topic: Sidebar Widget for To-do Lists

Hi, I love To-do Lists for Mac. But sometimes it would come in handy to NOT have it on the desktop (not even small) for example if you need the full space of your MacBookPro ... I am a huge fan of the sidebar in mac. It is easy and fast to access.

It would be awesome to be able to have a widget, where I can choose one or more list(s) to display in the sidebar - and how many Items of the lists I want to display as widget in the sidebar.

Because then I could simply use every pixel of my Mac's screen - and when I need it, I could simply look at the sidebar for a moment.

Please let me know what you think of this. Thx, Arne


Re: Sidebar Widget for To-do Lists

I'd like to second sidebar support. That would be great! Todoist already has such an implementation, but it only shows tasks due today. It would indeed be great, as Arne suggested, to be able to choose the task list displayed in the sidebar.


Re: Sidebar Widget for To-do Lists

Hi, thank you for your suggestion. We'll add it to our to-do list.