Topic: Pinned note steals focus when switching spaces

OS X 10.11.6
Simple Antnotes 1.6.1 (build 58)

The main factor I'm considering in switching to Antnotes from Stickies is whether I can keep a note on top (so that I'm forced to look at it) without affecting my workflow behind the note.  For example, I'll have my terminal open on Space 1, my editor on Space 2, and browser on Space 3; and I hot key to switch back and forth between the spaces.  I'll pin a simple "1. fix this 2. wipe db 3. test" type checklist over my terminal.  I'll go back and forth editing my file and running commands in the terminal, but every time I switch back to the terminal's Space, the sticky will have stolen the focus (presumably as part of the mechanism that keeps it on top).  This means I have to manually switch back to the terminal (which may itself have several panes, so this sometimes devolves into using the mouse). 

I would like notes to stay on top without stealing focus when switching Spaces. 

Thank you!


Re: Pinned note steals focus when switching spaces

Hi, thank you for trying our application.
Notes which stay on top does not get focus automatically - they just have priority on drawing atop of other windows.
Also after few tries I wasn't able to reproduce such behavior. Returning to previous space activates the application which was active on that space before leaving it - maybe this is the case? I.e. if focus was on Antnotes then after returning to space with Terminal macOS will activate Antnotes automatically.