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Why are there two versions for download for Antnotes except one is call Simple Antnotes.  The MAIN Difference is that the latter has a charge or $2.99 while the first (simply called Antnotes) is Free.

Both are Identical. Same size. Same Date of Creation. Same Version.   

With the new name and a monetary charge, a normal prudent man would conclude that the paid version offered more features. Moreover, it has a new name and one would assume it was enhanced or WHY would this same "DUBIOUS" Company of which I have found multiple similar issues that, in my business, would clearly indicate a SCAM???

You have created a myriad of apps.  However, some actually do something, and others are simply meant as a method of appearing to offer a "free" product, however once the product completes whatever it was designed to provide, when the user clicks on the button to allow it to proceed, another window pops up and should state in size 0 font. . . . G O T  C H A!!!!!    Because the window advises the user that if they actually want the product to complete what it stated it would do in the original download, the user must agree to PAY for the product and not simply $2.99, but more like $14.99.
While I understand that while you are not committing multiple breaches of fraudulent advertising on the "public" web, but rather under the Umbrella of a Private Corporation that is by far the Master of deception and fraud but also pays off those it needs to in order to continue in business.  Your company, Antropics, is a neophyte  yet have created multiple somewhat useless apps, however, spend more of your efforts deceiving the public.  iTunes will be featured in an upcoming issue where Google Apps and iTunes Apps will be compared side by side and these issues will be highlighted.  You will be please to know that your company is either one or two on the list of those to AVOID.   In fact, the article, which will also debunk the warning by Apple to NOT download any other Apps except those in their App Store where they derive a few billion a year by taking 30% off the top.   

I am deleting every Antropic App I have and then filing a request for a charge back based on iTunes operating in a virtual Intranet of sorts, however, forgetting that even Third Party Processors, Credit Card Processors, etc. have stringent rules and protections that a transaction, if it violated FTC rules, or other Consumer Protections Laws prior to it being processed, is still subject to fines and penalties by the CFPB, the FTC, or both.  However, the articles in a widely circulated on-line and print magazine with tens of millions of subscribers has allowed the article to be shared.  Therefore many other print and television media will pick it up and any number of consumer are able to repost it to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, just to name a few.   
The lesson here is one that many often make.  But I'll just stick with  CRIME DOESN'T PAY.   
Once your Company is identified as a "red flag" to avoid,  you can always change your companies name.  Many corrupt banks such as Synchrony, or even Credit Agencies, such as Lexis Nexus had changed their names years ago due to embarrassing screw ups or security breaches, while Synchrony simply changed their name once their fines were posted every other day.  Synchrony is close to that again.  But just remember, we will find you and have just one script to run in order to send your company names out to every social media, consumer advocate, and every print media in the country that is looking to fill space with a Consumer Protection Piece. 
You may consider simply attempts to be honest and forthright.  Hire people with some core values.   Just a suggestion.  best regards!


Re: Free Antnotes vs Paid Antnotes ??

Hi, thank you for contacting us.
Both versions have the same size/date due to build process - they are built from the same sources but have different features.
Paid version allows to attach note to the application, and has more handy font/text color/background color selection, which you can clearly see via the options menu. This menu is displayed when you click button on top-right corner of the note


Re: Free Antnotes vs Paid Antnotes ??

ross.guyer wrote:

Why are there two versions .....

??? What are you on???