Topic: Some Feedback

Thank you for making this available. Downloaded, installed and imported lists with no issue. I like the look, repeating reminders and ability to search. A couple of of questions\suggestions:

  • I couldn't find a sync option anywhere. This is a deal-breaker as I need to access on multiple devices including iPhone and iPad

    • With repeats, is it possible to add a weekdays option (that is Monday to Friday every week)


    Re: Some Feedback

    Hi, thanks for the feedback.
    - we'll add weekday selection to repeating options
    - we are working on syncing, however not sure yet whether it will be included into the initial release. Basically, we can do syncing with built-in Reminders but that will not correctly allow repeating tasks and subtasks. Syncing via iCloud allows file-level syncing but will require updating of our iOS client, which will also take awhile.