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Mini Calendar Request :
Add number of week in Mini Calendar.


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Hi, thank you for the suggestion.
We will add this feature to one of the next updates of Mini Calendar application.


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I love your Mini Calendar! Great design. Very customizable. Thank you!

The only thing I miss is a possibility to browse the desktop calendar. No need to add left/right arrows (like in dock or menu calendar), but simple swipe gesture would do the trick. And it's intuitive too.


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Hi, thank you for the suggestions. We'll add it to our backlog to implement it in upcoming updates.


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Thank you!

Btw. an option to NOT use any background colour would be also nice. Sometimes it's hard to find a colour that matches with given wallpaper.


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Hi. If you don't need background then you can make it white and fully transparent - transparency is applied only to the background, so all controls on the calendar will be displayed.


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Are you sure the background is fully transparent? I still see a light colour even though the calendar transparency slider is set to left. The frame is also visible.


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Ah, you need fully transparent background without the border, i.e. like calendar is just drawn on top of desktop picture.
The minimum transparency setting is around 5-10 from 255.
We'll consider implementing option to make it in the way you like.


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Thank you for your support and the approach!


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Two suggestions.

1) Provide an option to change the size of the calendar. I'd prefer it if the font size in the calendar could be at least as big as that of the date and time displayed in the menu bar.

2) Provide some option to display the text in the calendar that currently shows as a slightly darker gray on a gray background in some other color (my eyesight isn't what it used to be) to make it more legible, and also optionally change the color of the weekend dates and possibly the day of week headers.


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Hi, thank you for the suggestions. To be able to change calendar size/color we need some time, it's not an two-line code change. We already started this work, but among with other changes/updates it will not be finished very soon.
Stay tuned!


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Would it be possible to change the day of the week the week starts on? I would like to be able to have my week start on Saturday for instance.

This is an exceptional app - thank you!


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Hi, we never thought about such feature before. We'll consider implementing it as well, thanks for the suggestion!


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Thank you that would be awesome.


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Hi! Thanks for such an amazing app. I would like you to consider 1 suggestion if it's possible and report 1 small bug:

Suggestion: It could be amazing to switch between months swiping with the touchpad.
Bug: when I click on the menu bar icon and then I click in another window (like finder) the calendar keeps showing up and not disappearing like does the rest of the menu bar icons.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, thank you for your kind words and your suggestions/bug reports. We'll fix the issue in the next update.
Regarding the swipe gesture - wel added it to our to-do list as well.


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Excellent! Those are great news! Thank you very much!