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I just recently switched from Paperless to your "To-do Lists" for the sole reason of being able to sync my iMac, iPad, iPhone. I had been using Paperless  on my iPhone/iPad for several years and the only reason I left was not being able to access my lists at my iMac. I was specifically looking for an app that would sync my trio of devices on a service which I am using (ie Dropbox or iCloud, not a propitiatory service like Tapforms moved to). With your to-do list I always have a couple of lists visible on my iMac that I can pop things into whenever I remember ( because sometimes by the time I take the time to pick up my ipad or iphone and go to the app, I forget - getting old sucks LOL). So without Syncing to all my devices, I would have to look elsewhere (and I am surprised at the lack of lists that do it all without having to resort to creating an account with their own propriety service)

As for other changes I've only started using the app on my iMac/iPad/iPhone but I'm using it more and more because it does what I need. There were a couple of things I missed which you're addressed in the version on the iMac - which makes me like your app even more! I am really happy to see the Add & Settings at the bottom, happy to see Sort (I miss that from before)

As for suggestions:
- It would be nice to be able to have the option to select a single list that will used as the count for the app badge versus having a count from all open lists. Sometimes I have several lists open but only one is my focus list where I want to see the count (maybe have an option on a list's settings to make it the one that appears for the count).
- When using the search in the list and nothing is found (or perhaps when multiples are found), it would be nice to be able to add what you've entered as a new item at that point. I thought if I clicked on the "+" after an unsuccessful search it might prompt me or do it but nothing happened. I clicked the plus sign a few times before clicking on the 'x' in the search (I suffer from "did I really click this" syndrome ;-). Found out I had created a bunch of empty rows.

I hope you'll put more focus on syncing because I was just thinking I found the perfect solution for my  senior moments (which seem to be ever increasing ;-)


Re: Feedback - No Syncing would be a dealbreaker

Thanks for the detailed explanation. Looks like without syncing app is not that useful, so we'll implement it.
Other suggestions looks pretty logical, so we recorded them as well.
Thank you again!


Re: Feedback - No Syncing would be a dealbreaker

I agree it's a requirement.

While this is asking for a lot - it would be nice to be able to sync by type. For instance, I have lists I only want to see on work devices, and lists I only want to see on personal devices.

Anyway, I wouldn't care if I got redundant syncing, but it would be nice if you could turn off some lists on some computers and other lists on other computers. In v1 if I turn off my work lists on my personal PC, it turns of the same lists on my work PCs (and vice versa).


Re: Feedback - No Syncing would be a dealbreaker

Hi matt,
Thanks for the suggestion. Will you ever need to see your work lists on home device or vice versa? Since within new syncing engine you will be able to set the custom storage path for the database. For instance, having folder TodoLists/Work and TodoLists/Home in you Dropbox.