Topic: Couple of requests...

Couple of feature requests for v2:

  • Dropbox and/or iCloud syncing as noted in other requests
    Ability to import v1 lists (sooner than later on this would be nice)
    Liking to Todoist or other well know tasks lists
    Add and "About" with info about the application - after a year of use I literally couldn't figure out what the name of the product was or who made it!
    Automatic updates
    As noted in a different thread, make it so even with sync you can show different lists on different systems (Macs). For me I want to show work lists on work PCs and personal lists on personal PCs, but I still want to use the same sync provider.

I say linkage to Todoist above because I use To-do Lists as my sort of "Do this today" list and also as a temporary scratch list, and Todoist as my "Do this someday" list (GTD "Sometime/Never"). Sometimes tasks I on my To-do Lists "Do this today" need to migrate to the Todoist "Do this someday" list, so it would be nice to have a one-click push it over.

Todoist in the end seems a better organizer of long term tasks (stuff I don't want to see in my face) and projects, where To-do Lists (which sits constantly on the top of my desktop) is great for short term tasks.

Granted everyone has their own working style so maybe this is too much to ask. I suppose you could make To-do Lists into a full fledged task management tool, with all the capabilities of existing tools, but the simplicity is a selling point in itself (BTW - I'd happily pay $10, for your product not $5 - it's worth it).

In any case, I love your app, even  if it is now a bit neutered by lack of sync (migration to Dropbox v2 protocol isn't that hard BTW, at least in Python. I did it for a backup app I wrote and it wasn't that bad).

Thanks and have a great one!


Re: Couple of requests...

That is "Linking to Todoist". Not to mention my bullets failed (sorry). Can't edit so...


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And looks like I can export/import to get V1 tasks in - thanks!


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Thanks for your feedback and kind words.
When To-do Lists 2.0 will be out and ready then we most likely add options to export/import tasks to other managers.

P.S. Main problem with Dropbox SDK 2.0 is that it supports only macOS 10.0+, while we have a lot of users on older OSes. And basically in 2017 it will be a total pain to make it work correctly on OS X 10.6+

To-do Lists 2.0 will target macOS 10.10+ so it would be much easier. And probably syncing will be implemented on file-level instead of API usage. Every Mac user with Dropbox should have Dropbox installed.