Topic: iCloud Sync

What is the curent timing for the release of an iCloud sync update?  I agree with other posters that your app is much better than Reminders, but syncing between ios devices is pretty crucial.


Re: iCloud Sync

I bought this version because it was advertised to sync to my iPhone.  It seems that it does not!

I suggest you update your app description to say that it DOES NOT SYNC.

I waisted time setting up a DropBox and purchasing your app for my Mac and iPhone to find that it doesn't support any kind of syncing now.

When will this be fixed?  Otherwise, I want a refund.


Re: iCloud Sync

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. Support stopped working due to Dropbox API deprecation.
We'll post an updated version with syncing in a while.
If you don't want to wait please write to the App Store team for refund, we are really sorry for this.