Topic: Beta Expiration?

I tried to download the beta but it said it was expired on 5/9/17?

Also, to confirm what other have said, without sync, the tool would not be useful as I'm often places without my laptop where I need to view and add to my to-do list.

Is the plan to maintain Dropbox sync?  I've not seen that mentioned in the previous posts.

Great job on a fantastic tool!


Re: Beta Expiration?

Hi, thanks for the message. I just updated the build so it will work again (please download it from the same link as before).
So, yeah. It seems that some kind of sync is mandatory and the most requested feature. So we'll implement it before doing the release.


Re: Beta Expiration?

Great...thanks.  Does the beta replace the production version or can they run side by side?  Mike


Re: Beta Expiration?

They both can run side by side, since they have different app identifiers. However they will use different databases.


Re: Beta Expiration?

I tried the Beta download again but it still says it will expire on 5/9 when I try to install it.  Thanks for your help..Mike


Re: Beta Expiration?

Hi Mike, sorry for that. Looks like wrong archive was uploaded.
Please check the link again - it must work now.


Re: Beta Expiration?

The current beta (downloaded today) expires tomorrow (2017-11-26). May we have an extended version please? Or is this end of the version 2 project?


Re: Beta Expiration?

New beta was re-uploaded to the same location: https://www.todo-lists.com/downloads/TodoLists2_0_0.zip
It has the same functionality as previous since we are updating code and new version is in non-working state yet.


Re: Beta Expiration?

The beta has expired. Are you uploading a new beta? Is the app available to purchase yet?

Thanks, Chris


Re: Beta Expiration?

Hi, I refreshed the beta build. You may re-download it from the same link.
Release is not available yet since we didn't finish syncing side yet, sorry.


Re: Beta Expiration?

Hi,  beta expired April, 7th, 2019 for me and will no longer open.  Download as of April 8th, 2019 is the same version.  Can we get an updated version of the beta? 

Better yet, it would great if the final would be released on the App Store very soon.  This beta has gone on for a very long time.


Re: Beta Expiration?

Hi, sorry for a delay. The build was refreshed, so you may re-download it from the same link:


Re: Beta Expiration?

No worries.  Thank you for the refreshed build.   

Any idea on when it might be out of beta?  I know that syncing has been a delay and that for some commenters in the forum that is a crucial requirement.  For me, though it would be nice to sync, it isn't all that important as I predominately use my iPhone as a phone and do my computing on an iMac desktop computer.


Re: Beta Expiration?

Sounds like a good idea. Honestly, looks like only few percents of people really require syncing and use more then one mac device. We'll consider this as an option.