Topic: Just got Antnotes, have a few questions

Hey all,

Just downloaded this app. I like it, but I have a few questions (that might wind up being suggestions)

Can I:
- Change the curved look of the notes?
I do appreciate that you put time into emulating the way notes stick up in real life, but I'd much rather have a very plain, boring old box. This isn't a big deal though
- Add a very simple checkbox? Nothing fancy like your to-do lists app.
I really just want a way to attach a sticky note to an application and make a note appear so I can keep track of all of the steps I need to do every time I export a file. I considered getting To-Do Lists instead, but I honestly would just prefer a sticky note with a checkbox (it also doesn't seem like you can attach to-do lists to an application like in Antnotes?)
- Make a note appear at a certain time of day?
I want to set a note to appear on my screen at 8:00 am every morning so that when I get to the computer I have a reminder of what all I need to do for my morning routine (take meds, walk dog, eat breakfast, etc.)
- Set an alarm for a note?
It would be really nice to be able to remind myself to look at a specific sticky note at a specified time. Is that possible?
- View simple text editing GUI while editing text?
Such as the B I U icons you see while editing text on this page

Thanks for the help, I am enjoying your app so far smile


Re: Just got Antnotes, have a few questions

- Make highlighted text in various applications into a new note?